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ADC Combo Banner Wireless & RLC HMI Class-San Antonio

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ADC Combo Banner Wireless & RLC HMI Class-San Antonio

Starting on: Feb-22-2018
Ending on: Feb-22-2018
Time: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Intended Audience: People involved with manufacturing processes or assembly line production will find this beneficial.  Engineering personnel may also be interested in seeing how the Crimson software operates when talking Modbus comms to Wireless IO.  System Integrators and HMI programmers will learn a lot from this class.  Prior controls experience is desirable but not necessary.

Call for Parts Application:

Use of the PreMapped DX80 Wireless products from Banner Engineering to have a work cell request parts from a store room. Set up DX80 network of 2 Nodes and a Gateway. Do Binding and all wiring of IO signals to devices. Use of DIP Switches to do Logic

HMI for Status Monitoring

Set up Modbus Comms from DX80 Wireless IO to HMI.  Map PM Nodes data into HMI and build Tags for IO.

Discuss how Nodes data will show up in Modbus mapping tables.

Design HMI screen for application using Image Library

Create timers to log how long it takes for response from Store Room. Do with Programs and then also write same code using the Crimson Control application.

Log IO changes to SD card in HMI.

Build DataLogger page to show values from IO.

Use WebServer for visual on PC screen.

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Drury Inn & Suites Airport
95 NE Loop 410, San Antonio,TX

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