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RLC HMI Crimson 3.1 Ethernet Networking Class-NOLA

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RLC HMI Crimson 3.1 Ethernet Networking Class-NOLA

Starting on: Dec-18-2019
Ending on: Dec-18-2019
Time: 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM

HMI Topics

  • Graphite IO Cards
  • Data Tags
  • Temperature Widget Graphic
  • Blower Fan Widget
  • HVAC Logic Example
  • DataLogger for Trend Viewer
  • Web Server app


Networking Topics

  • Cell router port forwards
  • General set up of managed switch (change IP address for example)
  • Nview on the HMI to see switch stats
  • Simple VLAN set up on each switch (at each station) to show ease of use
  • N-Ring between all stations

Hampton Inn & Suites Elmwood/Clearview Parkway Area
5150 Mounes St., Harahan, LA 70123

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