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RLC HMI 3.1 Class-Irving

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RLC HMI 3.1 Class-Irving

Starting on: Nov-09-2021
Ending on: Nov-09-2021
Time: 8:30 AM - 4:00 PM


Intended Audience:  People involved with PLC programming or those who do design work of systems.  Engineering personnel may also be interested in seeing how the Crimson software operates.  System Integrators and HMI programmers will learn a lot from this class.  Prior controls experience is desirable but not necessary.

Topics to be Covered:

Establish Modbus Comms to RTU/PLC

  • Configure Temp_F Tag to PLC Register
  • Build Simple Display Page
  • Map all other Tank Tags to Registers
  • Test Tank Fill Level Pump ON/OFF, Valve Open/Close
  • Create Pump & Valve graphics
  • Build Widget of Tank – OverFlow and Puddle design
  • Create Tank Fill/Drain page of last 10 transactions
  • Create DataLogger of Tank Values
  • Send out Alarm text/email when Overflowing

Lunch will be provided

ADC Irving
8113 Ridgepoint Dr , #207, Irving

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