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RLC HMI Crimson 3.1 Customer Training-DFW

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RLC HMI Crimson 3.1 Customer Training-DFW

Starting on: Feb-15-2022
Ending on: Feb-15-2022
Time: 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM

Intended Audience: People involved with PLC programming or those who do design work of systems. Engineering personnel may also be interested in seeing how the Crimson software operates. System Integrators and HMI programmers will learn a lot from this class. Prior controls experience is desirable but not necessary.

Topics to be Covered:

Sketch build of Wall Thermostat for project

Thermometer Design, Temp_F, Hi & Lo Setpoints,

AC Blower symbol, HOA, Manual, Quick Trend

Configure HMI

Add 4UI card to back

Configure PV1 for Type J Thermocouple

Configure Ethernet port for Manual Config IP address

Configure Download via Ethernet to HMI

Build Tags

Numeric for PV1

Scaling 600 to 1000 as 60.0F to 100.0F

Flag Tag for AC Boolean

Hi & Lo Setpoints Numeric

Room Name ASCII string

AC Logic Control

Tag level via Triggers

Programming section via Script code

Startup Program

Widgetize the HVAC Page

Add Modbus Devices

Modbus Master on RS-485 & TCP

Wireless IO network Node 1 IO

TURCK FEN20 XSG16 TCP station

AC Relay on Node 1

Protocol Conversion

Temp_4 to 4-20mA and 0-65535

Map to Wireless Node 1 IO_13 & FEN20 Node Outputs

Configure AB comms on DF1 & Ethernet via DF1 & .L5K driver


Continuous Log

TrendViewer Primitive


HMI & Simple Webpage

Cell Modem for real Internet access

Lunch will be provided, hope to see you there!

8113 Ridgepoint Drive,Suite #207, Irving, TX 75063

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