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Turck Product Seminar

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Turck Product Seminar

Starting on: Nov-02-2020
Ending on: Nov-04-2020
Time: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Turck Product Seminar is an introduction to all things Turck. You will not only learn what types of products we sell, but also learn who we are as a company. This session is designed for new and experienced inside and outside salespeople, covering topics from how our part number schemes work, how we differ from the competition, and where to apply which products. Attendees will walk away with a working knowledge of our product lines, how to sell them against the competition, and who to involve at certain points during the sales process. The seasoned veteran will gain insight into applications that they may not have seen before, which may spur new ideas about where to use solutions from Turck.

All training registration MUST BE completed through Turck Connect. Once in Turck Connect please navigate to “Turck Seminars” under the “Training/Tradeshows” tab. Here you will find Registration Forms, Attendees Lists and other important seminar information and documentation. If you do not have access to Turck Connect or can’t see this tab, please contact your inside sales team for your user credentials.
If you need more details about the content or logistics of these seminars and trainings, please feel free to contact me at

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