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No Magic To It

Today I was introduced by my associate as “The Vision Guy”. It garnered an often heard response…

“Vision, eh…….that stuff is half science and half magic.” I have often heard machine vision referred to as black magic, voodoo, and sometimes even elevated to an art form over the past few years.

I guess it comes by the reputation honestly. Vision systems of the past were often conjured up in the garage of some computer wizards using off-the shelf components and custom software. If they worked at all they were difficult or impossible to maintain.

Thankfully, technology marches on. Today If you want to make sure there’s a date code on that box of those little powdered-sugar donuts (as if they ever expire) all you need is a Banner iVu……no computer, no software, no magic.
You do need a wand; however. We prefer to call it a stylus.