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No Magic To It

Today I was introduced by my associate as “The Vision Guy”. It garnered an often heard response…

“Vision, eh…….that stuff is half science and half magic.” I have often heard machine vision referred to as black magic, voodoo, and sometimes even elevated to an art form over the past few years.

I guess it comes by the reputation honestly. Vision systems of the past were often conjured up in the garage of some computer wizards using off-the shelf components and custom software. If they worked at all they were difficult or impossible to maintain.

Thankfully, technology marches on. Today If you want to make sure there’s a date code on that box of those little powdered-sugar donuts (as if they ever expire) all you need is a Banner iVu……no computer, no software, no magic.
You do need a wand; however. We prefer to call it a stylus.

Doug Egner

About Doug Egner

Doug Egner has been the Machine Vision/ Bar Code Specialist for ADC since 2003. Doug has a EE degree from Kansas State University and has extensive background in PLC Control and Automation. Contact Doug for Vision or Bar Code application assistance or sign up online to attend one of his Vision Training Classes.
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