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Ozzy is Crazy but Using ASi is Not

ASi or Actuator Sensor Interface is one of the simplest IO network to use for machine and process control applications. Designed originally to handle discrete signals fast over two wires this bus can handle your traffic. And it’s not the old man’s Buick either, ASi can handle analog as well as do safety IO over the same pair of wires. The rules to implement are simple, 100 meters of cable laid out any way you want. No terminators to worry about and where to place them. Just simple to use all around. ASi can be used on many different brands of PLC’s with all kinds of combinations for ASi Gateways. Don’t be a afraid, ask you local ADC Rep for more info. And soon you will be able to “Bark at the Moon!”

Joseph Waszgis – Controls Specialist (BSEE, MSMS)


About joe.waszgis

Joe Waszgis has been the Network, I/O, and HMI specialist for ADC since 2006. Joe has a BSEE from University of Nebraska, Masters in Manufacturing Systems from University of Minnesota, and 15+ years of experience in Control and Automation. Contact Joe for application assistance or sign up on line for one of his HMI and I/O classes.
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