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Banner Engineering

Banner Photoelectrics, Safety, Machine Vision, Measurement & Inspection Sensors, and Wireless Products. Banner Engineering is the world leader in sensor solutions.  Contact us or click on the link to the Banner Home Page for details on Photoelectrics, Safety, Machine Vision, Measurement and Inspection, and Wireless products.
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TURCK Industrial Automation

Turck Proximity Sensors, Connectivity, Bus Networks, Flow Sensors, Pressure Sensors, Encoders, RFID, and Relays. Turck’s motto is “Sense it, Connect it, and Bus it”. Contact us or click on the link to the Turck Home Pagefor details on Proximity Sensors, Connectivity, Bus Networks, Pressure Sensors, Flow Sensors, Encoders, RFID, and Relays.
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TURCK Process Automation

Process Connectivity, Process Bus Networks, Intrinsic Safety, Valve Position Sensors, and Marine Shipboard Cabling. Turck Process Automation is the market leader in connectivity products approved for process markets.  Our quick disconnect cabling methods include Div 1,Div 2, and non-classified area soultions.  Contact us or click on the link to the Turck Process Automation Home Page for detailed information on Turck PA.
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Red Lion Controls

Human Machine Interface, Gateways, Data Aquisition, Panel Meters, PID Controllers, Large Displays, Counters, and Timers. Red Lion Control’s broad range of display and control products include the world’s most popular panel meter, the PAX.  The G3 family of web enabled, multi-protocol, multi communication port, HMI products are rapidly becoming an industry standard. Contact us or click on the link to view Red Lion Controls Home Page for product and application details.
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1-Phase and 3-Phase Power Supplies, DC/DC Converters, Buffer Modules, DC-UPS’s, Diode and Redundancy Modules, Network Power Supplies for ASI and Device Net, Class 1 Div 2 area rated models, along with several other supplies designed for specific apps. PULS is the world leader in switch mode power supplies.  Our commitment to quality and technological innovation gives you the most efficient and cleanest power supplies on the market today. Keep your control panel small and your electronics cooler by specifying a PULS solution.  Contact us or click on the link to the Puls Home Page for detailed information.
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Tough Industrial Safety Mats & Controllers. Larco Manufacture’s the toughest safety mat on the market.  The heavy duty electrode assembly and durable outer shell provide superior impact resistance and the ability to withstand heavy loads of up to 3000 psi (don’t worry about those fork lifts).  Contact us for details or click on the link for Larco’s Home Page.
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N-Tron manufactures a broad family of Ethernet Switches designed specifically for industrial, marine, utility, and military users requiring high reliability, superior performance, and exceptional noise immunity. Contact us for details or click on the link for N-Tron’s Home Page.
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