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We Need to Talk!

I read recently that it took some time for the telephone to catch on because most folks didn’t see a need to pay for a service to talk to someone. They could either go next door and visit or say what they wanted to say in a letter. If they were in a hurry they could always send a telegram. That was in the year 1877. Fast forward to 2010 and there were an estimated 6.1 trillion text messages sent worldwide that year………without the need for wires. That works out to about 200,000 each second….try to wrap your opposable thumbs around that factoid. Obviously we have more to say to one another these days. I find it fascinating that the device invented to hear voices over long distances is now used to communicate by using abbreviated text messages. Maybe the telegraph will make a comeback.

The manufacturing world has undergone a similar transformation. We now live in a highly competitive connected world where the need to communicate is more important than ever. Data from the plant floor to the corporate office is required at each stage of manufacturing. That means that the devices we use to make and inspect products also need to have flexible ways to communicate.
That’s where the Banner iVu+ product line comes into play. It can support 3 different communication protocols simultaneously. For example, maybe you’re exporting the inspection image via Ethernet TCP/IP to a PC, getting pass/fail count data over Modbus TCP to your HMI and barcode serial communication to a PLC simultaneously. Communicate using Industrial Ethernet protocols (Ethernet/IP or Modbus TCP) or use the powerful Command Channel protocol from Banner.

Any way you want to communicate is quick and easy to integrate with virtually any PLC, HMI or PC. Contact your local Banner representative for a demonstration.

Doug Egner

About Doug Egner

Doug Egner has been the Machine Vision/ Bar Code Specialist for ADC since 2003. Doug has a EE degree from Kansas State University and has extensive background in PLC Control and Automation. Contact Doug for Vision or Bar Code application assistance or sign up online to attend one of his Vision Training Classes.
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